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550 West Jackson has the great amenity of a parking garage right here in the building.  The entrance is off Quincy Street on the North side of the building.  It is open Monday through Friday from 6am – 10pm., and has 24 hour access for monthly parkers.  Currently, the garage has capacity for additional vehicles.  Please take advantage of the covered parking and valet services.  For your convenience, we have listed our current rates below. 


Rates as of January 2015 (rates are subject to change)


Daily Rates:

0 to 30 minutes                                                  $6.00

30 minutes to an 1 hour                                    $10.00

1 hour to closing (10pm)                                   $15.00


Afternoon rate

In after 1pm until closing (10pm)                                $7.00


Validation Rate (Validation stickers can be purchased from Impark)

All Day                                                                        $13.00


Monthly Rates:

Individual 24 hours Rate                                              $310.00




For more parking information or questions please contact Imperial Parking – Jim Prendergast for information  312-663-1490 ext. 104 


Additionally, we have a bike racks located in the parking garage as well for those interested in biking to work.