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Tenants Go Green!

550 W. Jackson is proud to announce it participates in multiple recycling programs.


Office Recycling:

Each desk is provided with a small recycling container for all recyclable paper materials which include but are not limited to: white paper, colored paper, coated paper, junk mail, envelopes, brochures, magazines and newspapers.  It is not necessary to remove staples or paper clips prior to throwing the paper away, the waste hauler will sort through the paper at its recycling plant.  Also provided are larger sized recycling containers to collect larger amounts of recyclable paper materials from copier rooms and/or any other common areas.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep any food and liquid waste separate from the recyclable material. This is imperative as once the paper is contaminated by food or liquid it cannot be recycled. In addition to collecting recyclable paper materials, the building provides tall recycling containers for aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic containers to be kept in kitchen or any other common areas.  For additional recycling containers please contact the Office of the Building 312-715-0550.


E-Waste Recycling:  This program recycles most all electronic equipment used today in current office environments (i.e. computers, keyboards, laptop computers, monitors, TVs, etc.).Materials to be recycled will be stored in a large container located on the dock.  Building staff will pickup recyclable materials (clearly marked) from the tenant space and bring them down to the dock upon notification to the Office of the Building by the tenant.  A certificate of destruction is available from the vendor for tenants who request one and that provide a detailed inventory list of the equipment being recycled.  Please contact the Office of the Building for more information 312-715-0550 or you can also refer to the  

 "E-Cycling Recycling"  form (found in "Forms and Downloads) with questions.