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Medical Emergency

Tenants Requiring Medical Attention

1) Call the Chicago Fire Department - 911. Be prepared to provide:

a) The address of the building – 550 West Jackson Boulevard

b) The floor and suite number.

c) What is wrong (shortness of breath, chest pains, bleeding, etc.)

d) What is being done.

e) Your name.

f) Your phone number. (The Fire Department needs to call back for added information.)

g) Hang up last.

2) Call the Office of the Building - (312) 715-0550 and send someone to meet the paramedics at the elevator lobby on the incident floor. Upon notification, the Office of the Building will alert the building security staff and engineers.

The building engineers will:

a) Bring the necessary elevator to the lobby level.

b) Meet the emergency crew and direct them to the appropriate area.

Ambulance Services

The Chicago Fire Department Ambulance Service - 911 - will automatically take the patient to the nearest medical facility - Northwestern Memorial Hospital. If another hospital is desired in non-emergency situations, consult the yellow pages in advance for alternate services. Have these numbers handy:

Hospitals Number

Northwestern MemorialHospital 908-2000

Superior St. & FairbanksCt.

Emergency Room 908-5222

710 N. Fairbanks Ct.

Rush Poison Control Center 800-942-5659