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Moving Procedures

Tenant responsibilities prior to MOVING IN


All tenants prior to moving in will benefit by following the procedures listed below:


1.                  Contact Commonwealth Edison (1-800-334-7661), notify them of your move and secure electric service for your space.

2.                  Complete and return the information enclosed in your welcome package to the Office of the Building.

3.                  Follow “Moving Procedures” described below in executing your move.


Tenant responsibilities prior to MOVING OUT


All tenants prior to moving will benefit by following the procedures listed below:


1.      Contact Commonwealth Edison (1-800-334-7661) and notify them of your move.

2.      Return your suite keys and building access cards to the Office of the Building.

3.      Follow “Moving Procedures” described below in executing your move.


Moving Procedures


The following policies regarding movement of office furniture and equipment into or out of 550 West Jackson must be adhered to.  Before engaging a moving or delivery company, please contact the Office of the Building at (312) 715-0550 no later than one week prior to any move to discuss your arrangements with us.  Please note that only union movers will be allowed.  Please direct all correspondence to Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P., 550 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 910, Chicago, Illinois 60661.


1.         General Information


a.                   Date and time of move

b.                  Name of tenant contact person

c.                   Forwarding address for further correspondences

d.                  Name of the moving or delivery company and contact person

e.                   Certificate of Insurance for the moving company needs to be forwarded to the management office.  Listed as Additional Insured:


                        West Loop Associates LLC

                        LaSalle Bank N.A.

                        Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P. 



2.         Procedures


a.                   It is necessary that you notify our office in writing and receive approval at least 48 hours in advance of your intended move.  We will reserve the freight elevator for your use on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.


b.                  All moves must go through the loading dock located on the first floor of the building. Access to the dock is located off Quincy Drive.  Suite move hours are 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday and anytime Saturday and Sunday.


c.                   Use of the freight elevator must be prearranged with the management office for security purposes and to ensure availability. 


3.         Clean-Up


Moving or delivery companies and the tenant will be responsible for leaving the building and the tenant premises clean by removing all cartons and other trash.  If you desire help with clean up, personnel can be provided for an additional charge.  This service must be prearranged through the Office of the Building.  If a tenant wishes to have waste material placed in the building compactor or trash container, arrangements must be made through the Office of the Building.



4.         Property Damage


Any and all damage to the building, elevator areas and grounds which your moving company or its employees or agents cause will be your responsibility.  Required repairs will be handled through the Office of the Building.  You will be billed for all expenses incurred.


The following section defines specific information that your mover should be made aware of. A copy of this section should be given to those moving companies bidding on your move.


Instructions to Movers


1.         General


The mover must perform all services required to move furniture, office machines, records and supplies. Arrangements for reserving the elevator must be made with the Office of the Building at least 48 hours and preferably ten days in advance of the move date.


Each employee of the mover should be bonded and attired in the same type and color uniform plainly lettered with the moving company’s name.  These requirements must be strictly adhered to in order to maintain the security of the Building.


2.         Inspection of Premises


The mover shall be responsible for inspecting the Tenant’s suite prior to the move.  The mover should acquaint themselves with the conditions existing in the suite, so that they may furnish all equipment and labor necessary to provide for the orderly, timely and efficient movement of furnishings and equipment. The mover should also acquaint themselves with all available information regarding difficulties that may be encountered and the conditions, including safety precautions, under which the work must be performed.  We ask that you contact the Office of the Building (Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P., Suite 910, 550 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60661; (312) 715-0550 in advance to confirm all arrangements.


3.         Supervision, Labor, Materials and Equipment


The mover shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform all the services contemplated.  Such equipment shall include dollies, trucks, etc. as may be required.  No equipment will be “loaned” or provided by the building.  All material handling vehicles used in the interior of the building must have rubber wheels and must be free of grease and dirt.  It is required that Masonite floor covering material be provided by mover and laid down to protect the elevator lobby and corridor carpet/flooring.


4.         Crating, Padding and Packing Material


The mover must take every precaution by means of crating and padding to safeguard property from damage.  All padding and packing materials are to be removed by the mover.


5.         Floor and Wall Protection


The mover must protect the building from damage at all times.  All requests to enclose or specially protect such property shall be complied with.  This means that:


a.                   Masonite floor protection must be used on all marble, granite, terrazzo and carpeted areas.

b.                  Elevators must have properly fitted pads in place.

c.                   The mover shall also furnish, install and remove floor, carpet, wall and glass protective material wherever necessary to protect the building from damage.


6.         Permits, Franchises, Licenses, or Other Lawful Authority


The Mover, at his own expense, must obtain and maintain any necessary permits, franchises, licenses, or other lawful documentation required for affecting the move.  Before the move is made, the mover may be required to produce evidence of such to the Office of the Building.


7.         Indemnity - Insurance


The mover shall at the mover’s sole cost and expense obtain, maintain, and deliver to Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois) L.P., at least 10 days prior to any move, a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the following types of insurance:


             A.        Commercial General Liability


Combined Single Limit--$1,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 aggregate.  Such insurance shall include, but not be limited to, contractual liability, independent contractor’s liability, products and completed operations liability, and personal injury liability,


            B.         Workmen's Compensation—Statutory Limits


            C.        Employer's Liability


                        With minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 bodily injury by accident each accident; $1,000,000 bodily injury by disease policy limit; $1,000,000 bodily injury each employee.


            D.        Commercial Automobile Liability


                        Combined Single Limit--$1,000,000 per accident

Such insurance shall cover injury (or death) and property damage arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of any private passenger or commercial vehicles and of any other equipment required to be licensed for road use.


E.         Property Insurance Coverage for Tools & Equipment – All risk, replacement cost at an amount equal to the replacement costs of all tools brought onto and/or used on the property by the Contractor to accomplish the contract duties.


            F.         Excess Umbrella Liability - $5,000,000 occurrence and aggregate


                        Certificate Holder to read as follows:


West Loop Associates LLC c/o Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P.


Additional Insured - All Commercial General Liability policies shall name the following as additional insured, EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR BELOW:


·        Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L. P.,

·        West Loop Associates LLC.

·        LaSalle Bank N. A.


All such policies shall be issued by insurers acceptable to Landlord with A.M. Best ratings of not less than A-/XII and licensed to do business in the State of Illinois and shall contain a waiver of any rights of subrogation thereunder.


Certificate(s) of Insurance relating to policies required under this Agreement shall contain one of the following two provisions:


“Should any of the above described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, the issuing insurer will endeavor to mail thirty (30) days’ written notice to the Certificate Holder.” With the Certificate Holder listed as: West Loop Associates, LLC c/o Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P., 550 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 910, Chicago, IL 60661, Attn: “General Manager"


“Should any of the above described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, notice will be delivered in accordance with the policy provisions.” With the Certificate Holder listed as:  West Loop Associates, LLC c/o Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois), L.P., 550 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 910, Chicago, IL 60661, Attn: “General Manager".


Management will refuse the mover access to 550 West Jackson if limits provided on the Certificate of Insurance are not in accordance with the above or if the proper names are not listed/named as additional insured.


Removal of Furniture and Equipment


Each tenant must provide advance written notice to the Office of the Building whenever furniture and equipment are to be removed from the property.  Individual items will be handled by use of a “Property Removal Pass.”  Items larger than a laptop computer that require use of a freight elevator and/or dock facilities may be removed by following the procedures outlined on the previous pages.