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All deliveries must be made at the loading dock located on the first floor of the building (off Quincy Street).  Tenants must accept and sign for all deliveries and arrange for the immediate transport of those items to their suites.  No holding area exists on the loading dock, so immediate transport to your suite is necessary.  550 West Jackson building personnel will not take responsibility for accepting deliveries. Delivery personnel are required to use the freight elevator only, never the passenger elevators.  The freight elevator has a capacity of 3,000 pounds.  In order to enhance security, delivery persons are required to check in with dock security and obtain a property badge before allowed access to the freight elevator.


Deliveries requiring extended use of the freight elevator need to be scheduled in advance with the Office of the Building for after hours or weekends.  Notice of 48 hours is needed on all extended deliveries.  In addition to this, the trucking company should be informed that it would need to unload the delivery into the loading area rather than drop shipping to the building.  This will expedite the shipment and will allow for more efficient use of the loading dock.  Loading dock and freight elevator hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There is a 30 minute limit in the loading dock for deliveries during loading dock hours. Service at times other than those specified can be arranged through the Office of the Building.