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General Service 

Heating and air conditioning, in season, are provided Monday through Saturday based on the terms of the individual tenant leases.  The temperature of the building is maintained at a comfortable level and centrally controlled.  For temperature issues or questions, please call the Office of the Building.


Heating and air conditioning are not regularly provided on Sundays, holidays or after normal business hours.  If you need HVAC service at these times, please contact the Office of the Building at least 48 hours in advance to schedule this service.


Additionally, the management team looks for opportunities to conserve energy as appropriate.  If your space is unused or closed on days after holidays or Saturdays, please notify the management office and we will adjust the temperature in your space accordingly. 


Energy Management 

550 West Jackson utilizes a direct digital control system to monitor and control all building HVAC functions 24 hours a day.  In an effort to reduce energy costs to all tenants, we developed and implemented an energy management system.  While the building is heated at all times, a lower temperature is maintained in the evenings and on weekends in accordance with the tenant leases.


Individual switches control the lights in each suite.  In order to reduce operating costs for all tenants, please turn off all lights in your suite when you leave in the evening.  The night cleaning staff will turn off all lights when cleaning has been completed.  All calculators, radios, computers, and coffee machines should be turned off each evening as well.  All tenants will benefit from these simple measures to conserve energy and reduce the occupancy costs for their offices.


Maintenance of Tenant Specific Cooling Systems 

Specific tenant needs sometimes require additional tenant related HVAC equipment.  Due to liability concerns, building engineering staff ARE NOT allowed to maintain or repair tenant equipment. Management recommends that tenants with additional HVAC equipment have a maintenance agreement with a third party HVAC contractor.  These HVAC contractors need to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to the building management office and provide notice of any repairs or maintenance on tenant related HVAC equipment 48 hours in advance of such work